Sunday, March 16, 2014

So, this happened

On my way back from running errands a couple of weeks ago, I found myself stuck on a delayed subway train for, quite literally, 45 minutes. The train was stopped at a station, so I had the option to leave. There was, however, no alternative route to get home quickly, so I decided to wait it out. As the delay dragged on, I asked not one but two fellow passengers if they could explain tin English what the Japanese conductor continued was saying over the PA system. Unfortunately, neither man -- one young, one middle aged -- had the English language capabilities to do so. I stuck it out anyway, settled into the corner and pulled out my book.

Over the course of the 45 minute delay, the number of passengers willing to wait dwindled from several dozen down to 2 - me and a young Japanese guy, probably in high school, who I imagine was looking for an excuse to be late to wherever he was headed. Everyone else left. Everyone.

Then, this past week, I picked up the monthly English-language magazine. And now I'm dying to know how in the world the conductor explained this delay:

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