Monday, March 10, 2014

Tokyo: Kill Bill Vol. 1 Inspiration at Gonpachi

This past weekend Vince and I went out to dinner with some other gaijin (foreigners) to a Japanese restaurant called Gonpachi. Gonpachi, I learned, is quite famous in Tokyo, and has hosted international celebrities from Sylvester Stallone to Lady Gaga as well as an diverse collection of dignitaries.

It is also considered common knowledge that the venue was Quentin Tarantino's inspiration in the making of this fight scene in Kill Bill Vol. 1 --

Warning: gratuitous violence

Here is a picture that I snapped at of Gonpachi, the alleged source of Tarantino's inspiration:

Displaying image.jpeg

The legend has deep roots, but I can't find any direct confirmation of the inspiration, except the chatter of 10,000 blogs, so I leave you to be the judge.

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