Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beyond Japan: One Week in Hawaii

Surprising though it may be for a couple spending a year in Japan, our first international adventure was to Hawaii.

In August, our cousin Tony married his long-time girlfriend (now wife!), Dina, in Las Vegas. As we contemplated the long trip from Tokyo to Vegas, we figured we may as well sneak in a vacation. Alas, we settled on Hawaii, conveniently located in the middle of the Pacific, very roughly 1/2 way between here and there. Hawaii has never been more convenient.

So, we went. 

We spent plenty of time on the beach.

Explored the interior of the island.

Went hiking.

Enjoyed a fair share of wine on the rooftop deck at our hotel.

Visited the farther reaches of the island.

And went on a shark dive into these waters.  

It was terrific.

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