Thursday, March 6, 2014

News in Japan: Japanese App Promises Eat Lettuce, Smell Steak

Things to file under only in Japan.

Japanese born app, Scentee, enables your phone to emit a growing number of scents, including a perfectly prepared  steak using a small accessory that plugs into the headphone socket. Click here to read more.

App owners can also program their phones to emit specific scents to notify them of incoming text messages or calls, according to this International Business Times article. Mint for your sister? Rose for your mom? Potato soup for your dad? All options.

I acknowledge that I'm months behind the times as the app was launched in late 2013, but with Scentee I could literally wake up and smell the coffee!

Unfortunately for Scentee, the trifecta to the concept eat lettuce and smell steak is... taste lettuce. No app for that yet.

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